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Cabot Behavioral Analysis is the company’s flagship service. CBA assists managers in staying competitive and reaching their highest performance. CBA is a comprehensive service for learning and improving. The service has three primary components: Portfolio Analysis, Decision Context and Process Support.

Portfolio Analysis

Managers do their best when they understand their strengths completely and objectively. CBA portfolio analyses provide vivid depictions of persistent decision tendencies, describing both skills and behavioral propensities. Developed specifically for professional investors, CBA provides intuitive insights backed by rigorous analytics. Armed with this deeper, fact-based insight managers engage every decision with greater self knowledge and confidence. Portfolio analyses can also support managers in confirming and refining their process.

Decision Context

Delivering professional performance demands more than just learning – learning must occur in context to sharpen skills and eliminate ineffective tendencies. CBA provides extensive decision support in the form of context analysis that relates each current decision to demonstrated strengths observed in a manager’s actual history. Whether considering a buy, sell, add or trim you simply type in the ticker symbol and Bang! Help for capturing the most from your unique skills and process is right there. Always updated and instantly available, context analysis enables managers to relate each decision to their proven success.

Process Support

Consistent success comes when judgment is backed up with strong process. Whether contemplating a new buy or portfolio liquidity CBA helps identify strong candidates which can be integrated into existing investment processes. For example, buy candidates that match each manager’s specific strategy, process and proven skills are provided daily; they are used to initiate inquiry and to complement current screening. Ideas for sells, trims and adds are available as needed.